The world of Alan and fractals


Meet Alan Teitel Fine Art artist, cinematographer, innovator and technologist.

Alan Teitel, 2 time Emmy award winner, technologist, artist and philanthropist Has been working with fractals as art for decades. Fractal images have become a popular form of fine art among collectors. Fractals are complex, self-similar patterns that can be found in nature and used to create visually stunning digital images. He prints his Ultra-Hi resolution images on high-quality materials such as Glass, acrylic, or metal and make for unique and eye-catching pieces of fine art for private collections and public spaces. Fractals offer a modern and abstract take on traditional art, providing collectors with a chance to own a piece of cutting-edge digital art. With their mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colors, fractal prints make for a great conversation piece and are sure to be a standout in any art collection.
Fractals are considered fine art because they possess intricate patterns and designs that appeal to the viewer aesthetically. They often exhibit a degree of symmetry and self-similarity that gives them a unique and captivating appearance. Additionally, fractals can be used to represent and explore complex mathematical concepts, making them visually interesting and engaging for individuals who appreciate mathematics as well as art. The artistic potential of fractals has been recognized and explored by many artists, leading to their incorporation into various forms of fine art such as digital art, painting, and sculpture.